A wiki for American legislation, including treaties and (if the wiki becomes larger) state law. We'll also cover executive orders, which are different from legislation but bind our government in a similar way.

Welcome to the Legislation Wiki!

We're a collaborative community website about U. S. legislation that anyone, including you, can build and expand; of course, you should contact an administrator and send them what you have, so that they can check it over before adding it to the wiki. We don't want to become a hub for misinformation, so this is absolutely integral; otherwise, your edits will be immediately reverted. We're looking for help running the site!

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Legislation is the set of documents which detail a government's functions in societies which follow the principle of rule of law. In America, federal legislation is passed by both houses of Congress and the President (except for treaties). This wiki contains articles on each piece of legislation passed by the American government, and it's going to be difficult to fill. To avoid misinformation, users need to send everything to an admin before it gets put on the site.

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